Sunday, October 28, 2007

Random Junk Oct 28

Yes. It's another odds and ends post.

First, my apologies to Bildo for trying to hijack his post about upgrading his computer's power supply. I read his post about upgrading his vid card and PSU. That got me thinking about my desire to my upgrade box too. I asked a few of the programmers at my work where they'd go to buy a new vid card, and they said to check out So, I'll post the same question here... anyone have any experience with the web retailer or can recommend another?

Second, the family carved pumpkins for Halloween. Avril carved the fancy tree and ghosts. Mine is the pumpkin king inspired one at the end. The rest are the kids. As you may have guessed pumpkin carving is one of our traditions. See below.

Third, for your viewing pleasure... the Azerothian Super Villains. They have four episodes out on YouTube (episode 3 below). Looks like it was first posted about six months ago, so this is old news. But new to me, and I like sharing with you.


Bildo said...

I got my RAM from Newegg, and can attest that they're prompt, cheap, and efficient. The reader reviews also help immensely. Do it. :)

Ethic said...

I recently purchased all the parts to build my latest PC from newegg. I have no complaint at all about the entire process. Good company.

Rao said...

Newegg is good, but I'm usually a bit more partial to Tiger Direct ( Their prices are very similar to newegg but they almost always have a wider variety of options to choose from.

But, anytime I'm going to buy something from either, I always check both to see which has the better current deal.

Link said...

Thank you all for the comments and advice. I have my eye on a sexy vid card.