Thursday, February 21, 2008

almost almost

I miss blogging... but I'll need another couple weeks until work and home cool down.

funny pictures

I worked 11 hours today. When the software test team is reporting major defects faster than the engineers can fix them, maybe, I don't know, call me crazy... but the software is not ready for release. Luckily I work for a company that is the 800 pound gorilla of its industry, which means we can delay a month or two and get this sh1t right. Not a great situation... but, gawd I hates saying this, polish counts.

I've purposely avoided blogging about the divorce. For obvious reasons such as this site is supposed to be about gaming not my personal life. But I have to say it's going relatively well all things considered... still one of the top five worst experiences of my life (hey... there's a not so fun meme for you). The "other parent" and I are working hard to make the split and transition easy for the kids (and us too). Sigh.

My daughter is using all her charms to talk me into getting a tabby cat at my house (like the one pictured above). I'm more of a dog person... but what can a daddy do when his princess wants something?


Bildo said...

What can a daddy do when his princess asks for something?

I would say... tell her to ask "Mommy". :)

Nah, cats are cool. I'm more of a dog guy too but the trick is finding a cat who is more of a dog than the bitch-fest that most felines bring to the household.

Our cat chills with us like the dogs, does not run from pursuers, begs for food, plays with the dogs and even tries to sleep in bed like the dogs... but my wife and I won't let that happen these days. 2 animals plus 2 humans is enough.

SmakenDahed said...

Hey man, I hear ya on the bug front. We're in a crunch phase as well (I'm starting to wonder if we work for the same company) and I'm actually doing work from home on a Saturday morning in place of my usual game session. :|

The thing that gets me is not that the bugs aren't getting fixed faster than they're being logged, it's that the defer rate is pretty high.

Yeah, okay, the bugs aren't critical, but there is a enough of them to make the usability annoying as hell and they come up release after release from running the same test cases.


You want to hear something crazy? The platform product (sort of our client) was delayed a month or two so the product managers start talking about adding more features into the other products that are, more or less, on track.

Uh, how about fixing some of those small annoying things that keep getting deferred release after release?

Divorce, sorry to hear that.

Thallian said...

Tell her to earn the money for it.. Then she'll REALLY want it, maybe enough to take care of it by the time she gets it.

sean said...

Hope all is well, just stupping by to say hi to the folks I link to...real life is a bitch my friend, of course I could finish that sentence with the typical, then you marry one line..but we all know that isn't the case...anyway I look forward to reading about how things are going...take care!