Thursday, February 21, 2008

almost almost

I miss blogging... but I'll need another couple weeks until work and home cool down.

funny pictures

I worked 11 hours today. When the software test team is reporting major defects faster than the engineers can fix them, maybe, I don't know, call me crazy... but the software is not ready for release. Luckily I work for a company that is the 800 pound gorilla of its industry, which means we can delay a month or two and get this sh1t right. Not a great situation... but, gawd I hates saying this, polish counts.

I've purposely avoided blogging about the divorce. For obvious reasons such as this site is supposed to be about gaming not my personal life. But I have to say it's going relatively well all things considered... still one of the top five worst experiences of my life (hey... there's a not so fun meme for you). The "other parent" and I are working hard to make the split and transition easy for the kids (and us too). Sigh.

My daughter is using all her charms to talk me into getting a tabby cat at my house (like the one pictured above). I'm more of a dog person... but what can a daddy do when his princess wants something?