Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Missing You

I pushed the reset button when I returned to World of Warcraft two months ago. A fresh start on a new server, new faction, and new guild. No complaints. A positive experience every time I play. I'm having a great time exploring new zones, new quest hubs, and new lore. The guild is full of friendly, fun, and mature people.

However. I miss the Outlands. There, I said it.

I retired my old main, a level 67 orc hunter. He's on vacation in Blade's Edge Mountains. But I'm considering playing him one night a week, just to get a taste of the Outlands. Why do I feel dirty thinking this?

Here is a thought I had driving home last night. I'm certain it's not an original thought. I can buy a new name from Blizzard for $10. I can buy a new server from Blizzard for $25. I'd happily pay Blizzard for the ability to start a new toon at level 60. I don't mean buying an account or paying someone to level up a toon for me. I just want the option on the character creation screen to start at a higher level than level one.

Some questions though...How would it work? What are the benefits? What are the drawbacks?


Stormgaard said...

That's actually an excellent thought. It's not such a big deal now but what about say... after the next expansion after WotLK.

I suppose theoretically they could decreasing the leveling time between expansions - but still makes you wonder.

SmakenDahed said...

I think this was something SOE considered doing back in EQ1 during the height of the eBay character purchasing epidemic.

There was a lot of outcry about people buying a high level character and not having the gear or experience to really play at that level.

I don't know if that impacted their decision, but it didn't end up happening.

DAoC did something along these lines. Once you hit a max level raising another was faster or you started higher than level 1 (I don't remember the specifics). They also started with these free levels... you get one level and they hand you another one for free.

Link said...

I like the idea of leveling up a character to unlock the ability to buy a character above level 1. For example, you have to level up to 70 before unlocking ability to start a new toon at 50.

Considering the leveling buff in 2.3, I should just knuckle down and level up my dranei priest instead of complaining about it here. :)