Saturday, January 19, 2008

Where's My Warcraft?

Rum? Check.
Coke? Check.
Warcraft? No.

The kids are fast asleep. I have an adult beverage in hand. Thoughts of running a few dungeons buzzing on caffeine, sugar, and alcohol. I pugged Dead Mines the other night and they called me god after multiple demonstrations of my near divine healing skillz. Not to brag (hehe). Wonder how I'd do over the legal limit.

Nope. Blizzavision has gone fubar on me. Hung at authentication. Perfect.

Thinking I need a "plan B game" for times like these. Something to fall back to if WOW is down. Maybe I'll dust off my copy of Rome Total War or try my hand at the boy's Zelda Twilight Princess. Now that should be interesting with good buzz going.


Pvthudson said...

ah so you werent the only one last night. Wife had the same problem. Must have been some serious server issues

Stormgaard said...

Yeah I hate when that happens. I have Zelda Twilight Princess, Amazing Spider Man Essentials Vol. 3, or the blog on back-up for when that happens.