Thursday, July 19, 2007

Goodbye Camelot

I'm ending my free-trial with Dark Age of Camelot early. I actually feel bad for doing it. I should have waited until after my rafting and camping trips to start playing.

If only we had met four or five years ago, DAOC would have been my first MMO love. I played Moirex the Druid for a few more levels last night. I found the druid class fun and an interesting pet/healer hybrid. The quests and NPCs were okay but nothing special. I mentioned in previous posts about the out-dated graphics. I have to give DAOC a C grade (five years ago it would have been an A in my book).

I could see paying $15 a month to play DAOC if I'd been playing for years and had multiple max level characters and was plugged in to the tight community. But with better quality competitors out there, I'm taking my MMO money and time elsewhere.


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