Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Leaving WOW, Part 1

Fifteen months in the Horde with a 67 orc hunter, a 51 undead priest, a 30 tauren warrior, a 21 troll mage, and a 12 blood elf warlock. I ran solo mostly but played 5-man instances often. I raided UBRS, ZG, MC and AQ20. I stomped Alliance in Warsong and Arathi Basin. I was a UI customization junkie. I loved WOW. She was my first MMORPG and the best game I've played.

But along the way I lost sight of what I really enjoyed about WOW. Lost sight of what made WOW a good match for me. Perhaps WOW evolved in a direction that I didn't. I left WOW in March 2007, about five months ago. I'm going to write a few blog posts on my reasons for leaving WOW. Why? I'm tempted to go back to WOW. Strongly tempted. I remember the good times too easily, but I need to remember what pushed me over the edge too... what made me cancel my account.

I left WOW for these reasons, which I'll explore in more detail in upcoming posts. I'd felt one or two of these frustrations from time to time, but it was a combination of all five a few months after TBC hit that finally did it for me.

Details to follow...