Sunday, November 18, 2007

BigDaddyUI 0.3 - Fubar, Fonts, Cast Bar

Ugh. Fonts. I wanted my UI to be more unique, more personal, more preciousssssss... sorry, wrong MMO. I skimmed a few free font sites and decided to use a combination of Zeroes Three from Abstract Fonts and Arial from my system's Fonts folder. I had to hack the lua files for ClearFont2 to use these fonts plus customize when to use what font. For example, I want to use Zeroes Three for most short things like names and numbers, etc. But for long blocks of text such as chat frames and quest log, I prefer the more readable Arial.

Last night was the first time I edited an addon's code. I backed up the original and only had to revert to the saved copy once. I don't know Lua, but it doesn't appear to be a difficult language. One thing I clued into fast was Notepad isn't the hottest tool to use. Anyone know of a good Lua resource online or maybe a book?

I installed Fubar2 plus a few plug-ins. Fubar has about a billion plugins, and I eventually settled on four to start. I have my eye one a few others, but don't know if it's worth cluttering the bar low priority info such as the number of empty bag slots or how much money I have. I dumped the plugins into a solid black bar along the top edge. Long term I may move them around or do something creative with eePanels. Here are my four starters:
  • PerformanceFu shows my frame rate, latency, and addon memory usage.
  • SimpleClockFu is what just that... a simple digital clock.
  • ExperienceFu shows my character's level as a percent and any rested XP bonus.
  • LocationFu tells me where I'm standing (I get lost easily... /jk).
Next on the list of addons was a casting bar called Quartz. This excellent addon was released during my break from World of Warcraft. Easy to use and many features. I placed the player and target cast bars to the right of their unit frames, and then tweaked the size, color, etc. to match. I disabled about half of Quartz's features until I have more time to explore them.

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Latest version... baby mage in action...
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