Saturday, November 24, 2007

Seven is a Lucky Number

Much love to my new World of Warcraft friends on Alleria server. They were gracious enough to let me join their guild: The Se7en Samurai. Check them out.

I played one Alliance toon to level 5 a lifetime ago, so this will be new content for me... at least for the first month or two. I've had fun starting over on a new server. All my other alts received gold and big bags from my upper level characters, so this "starting over from scratch" thing is a refreshing twist.


Stormgaard said...


Who did you join as??

Stormgaard said...

Aha! Spotted you! (missed your edit)

Link on the forums and Sorrows & Ghostclaw on the server.


Link said...

hehe... surprise...

The guild members are friendly and open to a new person joining them.