Monday, November 5, 2007

Simple Questions

Avril asks simple questions that contain deep wisdom. It started this weekend when my darling wife asked me an innocent question: How is Lord of the Rings going?

I told her about my problems with the graphics (secretly hoping she'd green light a new, sexy 8800 luck). I told her about feeling limited and stuck. How the game started with a rush but has since gone limp. I told her that I haven't logged into Middle Earth for days and don't mind that I haven't. I told her that I don't feel the excitement I felt when I played World of Warcraft. I should still be in the honeymoon phase with LotRO. What's wrong with me? Instead I'm pining away for my first MMO love.

Avril's next question floored me: Why don't you play Warcraft instead? I sputtered something dumb that honestly I don't remember, but her idea stuck with me. I can't shake it. My wife's simple question haunts me. Why don't I play Warcraft? But I'll take Treebeard's advice on this one... don't be too hasty.

Expect to hear more on this subject.

P.S. Do you watch Heroes on NBC? You should.


Bildo said...

Hi Link,

Welcome to the club. :)

Don't fight it. LotRO just doesn't have very strong long-term appeal.

Link said...

I was prepared for that, but it just surprised how quickly it came. I figured I'd have a good 3 to 6 months in Middle Earth. But whatever, right? I'm not slogging through a game I'm not enjoying so much when I know there is one I could be.

Bildo said...

It's sort of a weird place a lot of us who really dig WoW are in. We all want something new after 3 years, but there's not anything that seems up to snuff just yet.

I'm playing WoW, but more so I'm playing a lot of offline or single-player type games while I wait for Pirates in January. Not sure how long it'll last me either, but I have it on good word that's a fun and unique game. I'll be playing it hopefully until Lich King, Conan or Warhammer hits. Which ever comes first, lol.