Monday, December 10, 2007

Blood Watch Is Under Attack

The other night I hearthed back to Blood Watch to turn in a few quests for my dranei shaman, fly to Exodar to train skills, and then log out. It was late and I was tired, but I like to leave my characters in a "ready to play" state.

After the loading screen disappears, I'm greeted with a ghost town. Some level 70 warlock sack o' shite has turned the sleepy village of Blood Watch into a killing field. I have to admit I was impressed with the thoroughness of his rampage. Bones everywhere. Not a NPC left, and he'd take them out soon after they respawned. Guess I missed all those "Blood Watch is under attack!" messages in my chat frame.

A dozen or so lowbie players were standing around. Some were laughing about it. Some where cussing about it. I'm more like ho hum. Time to make bandages or quickly sell junk to a respawning vendor before Mr. War Crime one shots him.

Eventually some high-level Alliance take pity and shoo the warlock away. Thankfully this scenario doesn't happen often. I can appreciate the thrill of taking out an entire town in a starter zone. Not my thing... smells like griefing to me. Why waste all that time just to deny other players access to vendors and quest givers?

I have an idea. To encourage that "here comes the cavalry" behavior, give these good samaritans a reward for swatting a pest. Bonus honor, gold, special two hour buff, experience, fluff trophies, whatever. Anyone doing damage to the griefer or healing someone doing damage receives a reward appropriate to their level.

Ah... the joys of playing a popular MMO.


Game Dame said...

Dude. This Hordie has no sympathy. Have you EVER visited the Barrens?? There isn't a Horde settlement there that doesn't get bombed twice every time I go there. I usually have to leave the defense channel because the sky is always falling there. I think the reason why the Horde get so tired of doing quests in The Barrens is that you have to wait so often for your quest givers to respawn all the time. It should be called the Killing Fields. Seriously. (BTW, I have an interesting post coming up about a strange encounter I had during a Crossroads attack.)

Link said...

Peace. My rant was aimed at griefers not the Horde. I played Horde exclusively for over a year, but that was before they took away the dishonor kill penalties. Yikes. Must be rough nowadays.