Thursday, August 2, 2007

Leaving WOW, Part 2

Today's post is a continuation of the why-I-left-WOW mini series. I'm exploring the reasons why I left WOW five months ago. I miss the game and am tempted to rejoin, but I don't want to set myself up (in WOW or any other game) by not addressing what went wrong.

Guild drama and split
When I hit the old level cap, I thought it would be fun to try raiding. Haha. Silly rabbit. I should have peeked at that world instead of jumping down the hole feet first. About one in five raids was actually enjoyable. The rest were frustrating and boring. I'm just not a raider.

What I liked about the raiding guild was playing with a large number of adults. There were always people around to do five-man instances and battlegrounds. That was fun. Waiting around for an hour until we have enough guild members online to take on a raid boss: not so fun.

The months before the expansion we had a serious dip in raid participation, raids were cancelled, and the lewtwhrs left. Stressful but not a problem because it meant more fun running instances and battlegrounds. Those were good times, joking around with guildies in Vent and smashing gnomes in the face.

After the expansion hit, about 10 people powered up to level 70 in a week and a week after that split the guild. I was on the fence and decided to stick with the more casual element in the guild. We limped along, but the whining and complaining in guild chat was too much. The guild leader and remaining guild officers logged on less and less. More people left the guild. I started playing alts more than my main just to get a break from the negativity.

How can I avoid a similar situation if I go back to WOW or play some other MMO? Well, I can NOT join a raiding guild for starters. Duh. A big guild that is NOT raid focused is more for me. That's what I want, just a bunch of fun, mature people that I can group with or just chat with. Hohum.

Coming soon in the mini series...

  • Obsessed with leveling fast
  • Play conflicted with RL
  • Raiding requirements
  • Too much repetition


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