Friday, September 14, 2007

Random Junk Sept-14

The brand spankin' new fiber optic internet connection is yummy. Daddy likes. I was excited last night and bouncing around like a kid with a new toy (which is the truth, I suppose). I spent the night installing and updating and patching and configuring. The new computer is feeling more and more like home. Firefox was giving me a headache though. I could browse normal pages, but I couldn't log into my Google apps. Argh. After ten minutes of banging my head against the desk, I checked the firewall. D'oh.

I returned the Godfather to Gamefly earlier in the week, and I'm getting a kid game for my daughter next. Amazon says they'll deliver LotRO the week after next. This means a one to two week lull. What to do with myself in the meantime? I have a few options:

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