Monday, September 10, 2007

Dungeon Runners Dodges The Bullet

File this one under: Did-Not-Realize-How-Much-I-Missed-It-Until-It-Was-Gone.

The good folks at Verizon should be (fingers crossed) at my place this Thursday to upgrade us to their fiber optimus prime Internet service and a wireless network. Meanwhile, I've been "banned" from the one computer in the house with connection to the intrawebs. Banned sounds harsh. More like Avril wants me to have the newer, nicer computer, which, coincidentally, has no Internet connection, thank you very much. Hohum.

Back on topic...
Fact 1: I have not played Dungeon Runners in a couple weeks.
Fact 2: I will not play Dungeon Runners in at least two more weeks.
Fact 3: While Dungeon Runners is interesting and fun, it ain't all that.
Conclusion: Suspend my Dungeon Runners account and save my $5 to spend on coffee now that Starbucks bumped up their prices.

When Avril was busy napping Saturday afternoon, I logged on and jumped over to NCSoft's account site to suspend Dungeon Runners. Or so I thought...

Instead, I downloaded and installed the long promised update for Dungeon Runners. Multiple characters. Member-only servers. PvP. Item linking. Something I want to check out. Guess how much time I spent in the game? If you guessed more than zero, you'd be wrong.

Hmmmm...maybe next weekend.

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