Saturday, September 22, 2007

My Name Is Pluck And I'm Here To...

Thursday night I installed Lord of the Rings Online on my Vista box. The process was painless, easy, and (surprisingly) quick. The patching was not quick however. I've had a bad cold this week, so I doped up on medicine and hit the sack early.

Friday night I tucked the kids into bed and logged on for the first time. I created a hobbit hunter named Pluck on Landroval server. (Say 'hi' if you're in the Shire). Half way through the Intro newb zone, I was in a fellowship with some good people. I had three new friends on my list within one hour of starting a new game. That was a first for me. We completed the final instance and chatted for a bit in the Shire. Pluck collected a few quests and started exploring. Not to sound like a rube, but I was actually smiling while I was playing.

LotRO's graphics are simply beautiful, but I see what people meant when they wrote about the choppiness. The game looks freaking amazing if I have the quality cranked up... and stand in an out of the way place and don't move. Sigh. Add a bigger, better graphics card to my wish list. I spent a good 15 minutes playing with the advanced settings before I found a good compromise between appearance and performance.

So how long will that smile on my face last? One month, three months, nine months? I don't know. I don't care. I'm having fun now.

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