Tuesday, September 18, 2007

LotRO Prep - Race and Class Combos

Today I'm pondering what race and class combos to play in Lord of the Rings Online. While I enjoy playing several alts, it would be silly to think I could play (or would want to play) every possible race/class combination in the game.

My plan is to start with a class that is simple to play, so I can focus on learning the game controls and mechanics. Later I will start alts so I can experience each race's starting zone and try out different classes. Over time one of these characters will hook me (hopefully) and become my main.

If you've played LotRO before, I encourage you to comment with your advice on what you'd recommend as good race/class combos for me. I know first hand that how a company describes a class in their marketing materials can be radically different than how the class is implemented in the game.

[Sorry in advance if this post rambles...I went home sick, drank much cold medicine, and just woke up from a 3 hour nap.]

If this were any other RPG and I had the same choices for race, I would start a human or elf. But this is LotRO, so I'm starting a hobbit. Simple choice really. The Tookish side of me wants to explore the Shire and roam its borders.

I'm also interested in playing a dwarf. I love Tolkien's portrayal of Durin's folk in the Hobbit. They have a rich history of hardship, greed, and revenge. I'm curious how Turbine interpreted this in an MMO.

This is so unlike me. I don't play short races like halfings, gnomes, dwarves, kender, or whatever. But in LotRO my first two choices are hobbits and dwarves. Go figure.

My choices for race in order.
  1. Hobbit
  2. Dwarf
  3. Elf
  4. Man
Selecting class is more difficult. I can start by dropping Burglar and Guardian to the bottom of the list. I never enjoyed playing stealthy types like rogues or thieves. Also, plate-wearing tanks is low on my list of likes. This leaves five classes.

Over many years of playing RPGs I gravitate towards a few basic types of characters:
  • Ranged DPS (Sorcerer in Diablo 2, Mage/Hunter in WOW)
  • Healer (Cleric in D&D, Priest in WOW)
  • Pets (Necromancer in Diablo 2, Hunter in WOW)
  • Melee DPS Hybrid (Jedi Sentinel in KotOR, Fighter/Cleric Hybrid in Neverwinter Nights)
What LotRO classes match up with those basic types of characters? I'm looking here for my info.
  • Ranged DPS: Hunter
  • Healer: Minstrel
  • Pets: Loremaster
  • Melee DPS Hybrid: Captain
Captain is limited to Man, which means my Loremaster will be an Elf. This leaves the Hobbit and Dwarf to sort out. Playing a healer as my first character sounds risky, so I will start with a Hunter instead. DPS is always a good starter. Here is the list of characters I will play:
  1. Hobbit - Hunter
  2. Dwarf - Minstel
  3. Elf - Loremaster
  4. Man - Captain
Okay. That was easier than I expected. Now, I'd like your input about this plan for race/class combos. I'll also browse the forums for player recommendations (assuming LotRO's forums are less inane and caustic than WOW's).

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Bildo said...

The Captain's not so much a DPS/Hybrid as he is a Pally with a Pet. Seriously.

But he can hold his own and heal/buff/kill while solo. He's just not a dps type class.

The Hunter is an amazing damage machine. Playing more like a caster with a bow than a hunter from WoW if that's what you're familiar with. But he's less squishy than your average caster. Glass cannon still, but not too bad in close quarters combat.

The Champion was my class, because I just loved his balls-out damage output. He's a melee-aoe dps class. Very unusual, very fun, but very overplayed because it's relatively easy.

Link said...

Thanks for the info, Bildo. I appreciate it. :)

The Lone Egg said...

Don't count out the Burgler class. It was one of the funnest for me to play. Lots of variation on play style with them. Good DPS and debuffs.

Link said...

Good point. I should try all the classes. That's one benefit of having a limited number of classes in LotRO, I can try them all. Thanks.