Wednesday, September 19, 2007

LotRO Prep - Roleplay and Servers

I'm on the fence about roleplaying in Lord of the Rings Online. The inner geek in me wants to develop and explore the story of a character in Middle Earth. The casual gamer in me wants to enjoy the game without troubling about being in character or out of character.

When I was a youngster I roleplayed in a few different gaming groups. One D&D group was heavy on the roleplaying, another D&D group was mixed light roleplaying and hack-n-slash, and the Car Wars group was all about the game mechanics and blowing up stuff. My characters ranged from pious clerics to drunken hooligans.

More recently I played Neverwinter Nights. I loved the community created mods. I joined a few RP groups online, but had a mixed bag kind of experience. Adventuring was fun, but the features to support roleplay felt clunky when compared to the flexibility of roleplaying in person.

I never roleplayed in World of Warcraft. Well. Not true. I'd drop into character for a moment or two. But more for a spot of humor than anything else. WOW doesn't feel like a RP game to me. Maybe if I ever went back, I'd give it shot for something different.

Since I'm not sure about roleplaying in LotRO, I'll put it on the back burner until I feel comfortable with the game. No point rushing it. RP will happen when it happens. I should, however, roll my toons on a RP server, so I can RP some time in the future.

According to the official LotRO Lorebook:

Although all servers are technically considered roleplay (RP) servers, Landroval has been long-considered as the "unofficial" roleplay server, so a larger proportion of actual roleplayers and even RP-oriented guilds can be found on Landroval.

So. There we have it. The only RP server. Simple decision then. I will create my characters on the Landroval server.

I hope the name "Harry Balz" is available. That was the name of my barbarian character when I was 14-years-old. Obviously joking.

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Ethic said...

Landroval, a fine choice. You will find me there as well.