Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Recipe for an amusing read:
1 part Pokemon
1 part Cthulhu
1 part joke RPG

See here.

My son received the Pokemon Junior Adventure RPG (or whatever it is called) as a birthday gift many years ago. We played it with some of his friends. Imagine DMing a weak Pokemon RPG for a handful of seven-year-olds. Amusing for an afternoon, then sent to the back of the shelf.

And then I find Pokethulu... which is based on that little RPG we played. While it's not appropriate for young kids, I laughed at its dark humor. It's worth a few minutes of your time.

A quote from the site:
Amid the sagging gables of old New England, evil lurks . . . and squirms, and scuttles, and purrs. Grownups are fleeing in terror, hiding behind the Elder Sign.

You're 10 years old. You're our last hope. Armed with a Shining Dodecahedron and the elder incantations to make it work, you capture the monsters and train them to use their power . . . But not for evil. For sport.

You've thrilled to the popular TV show. Now, you can play the game! Is your Shoplifting score good enough to sneak a page from your opponent's Pokenomicon? Is your trained Jigglypolyp powerful enough to defeat a devolved Fungal Cluster? This is the world of Pokéthulhu, and now it's yours to save Рor conquer!

It gets darker and funnier in the PDF rules here. Check it out. Seriously. You're bored at work anyway.

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