Wednesday, September 12, 2007

LotRO Ordered

Amazon has LotRo on sale $20 cheaper than I've seen it at all my local stores. Plus free shipping. Plus it is the collector's edition (though I don't know what that means exactly). What a freaking coincidence it's on sale because I haven't bought the game yet, but I'm starting it in a few weeks. Excellent.

Five to nine days from now I will have a shiny new LotRO DVD. Plus a little cash towards a pretty 22" widescreen LCD to replace my craptastic 15" CRT. Someday. If you'd like to make a non-tax deductive donation to the Upgrade Link's Monitor Fund, please email me ASAP. I kid, LOL. (Too many acronyms in that paragraph).

Somewhere I read about this sale but I can't remember where. I made a good faith effort to find the site, so I could link to it and give credit where it's due. But I failed. Forgive me.

P.S. I know there is a free trial available, but I'm fairly certain I'll play for more than 7 days and I don't feel like downloading three hundred thousand million gigabytes of data.

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Bildo said...

Good luck in Middle-earth, man.

If something doesn't come out soon (ahem, Pirates), I'll likely end up rolling a new character soon.