Tuesday, September 4, 2007

More Godfather and New PC

We spent Labor Day weekend at the house (the first weekend for some time now). I finished many small projects around the home and made big progress on cleaning out the garage. My son and I took the dog on long walks every day. Monday we went to a BBQ with good beer and bratwurst. Ahhh... the summer is winding down. Fall will soon be here, which means MMO season for me.

I played Godfather a couple nights this weekend and made capo in the Family. I have complete control over Hell's Kitchen, Little Italy, and Brooklyn, and I need to hit a compound to control all of Midtown. New Jersey is next on the list. My payday is a nice $60K a week after giving the Don his cut. I put the pile of cash from paydays and missions to good use upgrading my characters weapons and clothes. He's looking sharp in his black suit. I won't spoil the plot but I had fun RPing my character's revenge on a rival family after they wronged me. Bastards.

The new computer arrived Saturday and I set it up in the loft. No monitor or speakers came with it, so I hooked up a little, old CRT and a cheap pair of speakers. Hohum. The faster processor is nice, but I'd updgraded the hell out of the other PC. The specs aren't that much different... both have 2 GB RAM and beefy graphics cards. But the crappy monitor hurts. The quality and size of the monitor has a real impact on the experience. I'll have to save my nickels and pennies for a hot 22" widescreen flat panel.

The wireless network (or lack of one) is the issue I have to fix ASAP, or to be exact have the folks at Verizon fix for me. Currently we have Earthlink DSL plugged into the one computer, which worked great when I was the only online gamer in the house. I need to call Verizon in the next day or two and sign up for their FiOS service. They'll rewire the house with fiber optics and setup a wireless network. Even splitting the internet connection, Avril and I will have 2-3 times the speed. Beautiful. Eventually. Fingers crossed the FiOS install is quick and painless.

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