Friday, August 31, 2007

Death Penalty in the Godfather

I've been playing Godfather: Blackhand Edition on the Wii almost exclusively for the past week. Yes, it's that good. My character is a soldier in the Corleone family now. I recently completed missions involving horse heads and taping guns behind toilets.

I used to worry about getting iced (as they call it) until I realized there is no penalty for dying. Previously I would move slowly through areas and avoid any area that looked risky. Now I'm the fucking Terminator when I hit enemy warehouses and compounds. Add my crew and paid off cops to the mix... good times. Last night I gained control of all of Little Italy.

The only real penalty for dying in the game is when there is a Mob War (that is, I aggro a rival family by icing too many of their associates). Then some of my extorted business are burned. The trick is to know the quickest route to an FBI agent, so you can bribe him. The result is you win the Mob War and aggro is completely reset.

Another "feature" is when I extort a business deep in rival territory, I mean their goons are crawling all over like ants, just focus on extorting the owner. Even if I die right after a successful extortion, I get credit for it and receive a cut come payday.

The game is easy after you learn the controls (except for the stealth missions... they still frustrate me). Even though it's easy, I'm still having a great time playing it. Last night I meant to get to bed early. No dice. I was up in the loft playing Wii after midnight.

I highly recommend this game (if you couldn't tell by the way I've been raving about it).

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