Friday, August 10, 2007

EQ2 Free Trial - Day 2

I played Everquest 2 for a few hours tonight. The free trial limits me to playing a fae character. I would have preferred an elf or a human, not Tinkerbell's brother. Playing a fairy doesn't bother me, but the constant flapping of the wings gets on my nerves. Worse, when I went down a cave, I couldn't see very well because my wings were in the way.

I started a Fury and made it to level 7 before my daughter woke up from a bad dream. (She's tucked back into bed, so time to post before hitting the sack myself.) I enjoy the class. As I mentioned before, I like playing healer/dps hybrids.

I'm lukewarm to the graphics. Some things look nice such as when the sun breaks through the tree canopy. While the scenery and buildings are pretty, the characters and monsters look lame. They don't have much detail and they don't stand out against the background. Hohum.

The built in UI customization options get good marks from me. I can rearrange and modify almost every element of the game's UI. Players can further customize their UIs by installing various mods. With only 5 days remaining in my free trial, I can safely say I won't be going nuts tweaking my UI. I did rearrange a few things to make them fit better on the screen, but otherwise kept the default UI.

Well, it's been a long day and the start of a busy weekend. Off to bed for Link.