Thursday, August 30, 2007

Giving in to Temptation

Since Avril joined the MMO world a few months ago, she has tempted me with getting a new computer. She frequently mentions a deal she saw advertised. Avril even offered up the money she receives for her birthday to help pay for a new computer.

She wants us both to play online. Not together mind you. While building and scripting in Second Life looks interesting to me, I prefer games with character levels, quests, and gnome slaying. Avril admires the beauty of my games, but is not interested in combat. Instead, we will play games on the same nights and not play on the same nights. I can appreciate that.

Originally I planned to buy a more powerful computer some time next spring. But Avril and I agree that a cheaper, moderately better second computer would be better for us now. Especially since I'm joining LotRO in about four weeks.

Okay, now to figure out how to set up a home network so we can share the printer and Internet connection.

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