Monday, August 27, 2007

Godfather Hooked Me

The Godfather for the Wii has me. I'm hooked now. The kids are heading off to bed early tonight so Daddy can play.

The Godfather was fun the first couple nights I played, but my character was low level, poor, and an outsider to the Corleone family. Plus I'm a clumsy oaf, so learning the Wii's controls is a long process. I lost count of how many times I died because I was trying to punch someone when I meant to pull out my pistol.

But last night it all clicked. My character has moved up in the Family, and I have the controls down. I understand bribing cops and shaking down store owners. I can drive. I can shoot. I can use cover. I even have the start of my own crew. Times are good.

The game makers did an excellent job with the story. I'm not reliving the plot of the movies. Instead, I have my own character that is weaved into the Godfather canon. I'm not "third mafia thug to the left" but a character with his own story and agenda. Beautiful.

Okay, I don't want to mislead anyone with what I wrote earlier. The controls are actually simple. It's more of a matter of learning what button accesses my weapon selection or remembering to shake the controllers to strangle someone or how to aim at someone's kneecaps to cripple instead of kill. (Did I mention I don't let my kids play or watch me play?)

P.S. I meant to post this already but must have clicked Save now instead of Publish Post. Ooops.

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