Sunday, August 5, 2007

Dungeon Runners

I downloaded Dungeon Runners a few days ago. The game, if you haven't heard, is a new and free Diablo 2 knock off. Less story and features. Better 3D graphics. Easy to get a group going. The humor is good... spoofs other action RPGs and MMOs. The names of items is a hoot: Recycle Paper Shirt of the Ladybug. Dungeon Runners gets a B-.

The game is so casual. I login and start running a dungeon. I open a group and people start joining me. The difficulty (and quality of loot) scales as more people join the party. Most nights I play for an hour or so, and then turn the computer over to Avril so she can do some building in Second Life.

I debated about subscribing to Dungeon Runners, but for $5 a month I figured it was worth a month or two. (Hopefully by then I'll get the whole WOW/LOTRO/Whatever thing sorted out in my head).

My character is Mumbles, a level 20 mage, and I typically play on the busiest server. I like how you select a starting class, but are free to dabble in other classes and mix/match your skills. I'm focusing on AoE damage, which works great for the groups of little critters. Not so much the bosses. I ran some ice chief boss dungeon over and over on Insane difficulty tonight. I sucked down so many potions to stay alive but got tons of loot and gold. Fun time.

Because this is a free, casual, easy-to-play game, the crowd is a bit immature and stupid. I've found many good and funny people to group with and add to my Friends list. I'm looking forward to the next build where they add a Member-only server.


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