Tuesday, August 14, 2007

EQ2 Free Trial - Final Day

In the past few posts I complained about Everquest 2's graphics and how they looked dull and the monsters tended to fade into the background. The game's UI includes a gamma setting. Smooth, Link, way to forget to adjust your gamma. The graphics weren't nearly as crappy after I bumped up the gamma.

I looked at crafting again but decided to skip it. Instead, I completed a couple more quests with my fae fury... killing orcs or some such. Then I rolled a tiger-looking monk and tried a different starting zone. Meh. Then I rolled a high elf wizard, which was fun to play and fast to level up.

I enjoy the heroic inspiration thing (can't remember what it's called off the top of my head). Essentially you get some type of bonus (extra damage, protective buff, etc.) by using skills/spells in a specific order. Adds a tiny bit of variety to clicking the exact same sequence of buttons for every battle. My guess is that it would even more dynamics in a group. Never tried that since I was apparently alone in the starter zone.

But blah, blah, blah. The game couldn't hook me and I'm not shelling out the bucks for a so-so game. Time to uninstall and defrag. So what's next on my MMO Tourist itinerary?



Ethic said...

Try Ryzom.


It is original, interesting and it takes time to figure things out. People are nice, the price is right, and there is no time limit on the free account.

I'm on Arispotle as Ethic.

Link said...

Ryzom looks interesting, especially how you acquire and tweak your character's skills. I'll check out the free trial next week. I appreciate the info!