Monday, August 13, 2007

GameFly and The Godfather

My son and I have split a GameFly account since the beginning of June, which allows us each to have one console or handheld game rented at a time. Overall my experience with GameFly has been good. The service is cheaper than renting from a local store. Plus we can try games we otherwise wouldn't if we had to buy them.

If you're not familiar with GameFly, it is a web-based service similar to Netflix except they deal in console and handheld games. You create a list of games you want and when you return a game, they send the next one on the list subject to availability. The games come with a pre-paid shipping envelope for easy returns.

My son has had a few Wii and DS games. I had Marvel Ultimate alliance for a few weeks, but since than haven't been so lucky. First, I got a DS game for my daughter on my share of the account. Ariel's Undersea Adventure isn't much fun for Daddy. Second, we had a shipping problem with the Godfather for the Wii. After five days I got worried. At seven days I reported a problem.

They have a well designed interface for reporting problems. I selected the game from the two they'd sent, selected my problem, and then confirmed my selections. Voila. The next day they sent out a replacement copy of the Godfather. Impressed.

With a bit of luck, I'll be spending my nights as a thug in the Corleone family in a couple days.



Bildo said...

Hey Link,

Just popped over to say I hope you'll like Godfather: Wii as much as I did. I really enjoyed the feel of being in the movie, and the story is worked really well around your character, to boot.

The action's intense, a nice game of duck and cover, a la Gears of War on a simpler level. The missions are great, and nothing's more fun than beating up a store owner to get him to pay you off.

As for EQ2, my time's been dwindling too, though not for the same reasons. I love the new zone, Darklight Woods/Neriak. But once you're out of it (around level 20), it's back to the old world zones, where there's hardly any semblance of quest progression. And after WoW, LotRO, even CoH and Auto Assault, a game without any direction fails to grab me.

I hear Faydwer made content from level 1-70 like Neriak is, with quest hubs and directing of where to go to progress, but I don't think I want to shell out 40 bucks for it, when I'll just be playing PotBS soon enough.

Shame, because I really enjoyed Darklight Woods.

Good stuff, btw! Keep it up!

Link said...

The Godfather game is fun, but I need to practice switching weapons. My character keep getting Iced (as they call it). He's roughing up some butcher or baker or candlestick maker, when a bunch of wise guys pull pistols.