Thursday, August 9, 2007

Vacation in EQ2

Earlier this summer I decided to play MMO tourist, dropping in on various online games that offer free trials. On a whim... well less of a whim and more like a couple bloggers I read (Tobold and Bildo) mentioned they were giving the game another shot. That reminded me that I wanted to do it too.

So off to Sony Online Entertainment to download the game. Cool, an 85 MB download. I have it downloaded, installed, and activated in no time. The sad part is I only get a 7-day free trial, but that's time to do the newbie zone and try a few classes out. The saddest part is that after I log in, I have to download the patch or the rest of the game or whatever. So the files download and download for about 14 hours.

Great. First day of my 7-day free trial and I've spent it doing nothing in game. Smooth, Sony. When I do get into the game I'll roll a Fury. I like playing healers, but the idea of playing a DPS healer is even better. Wish me luck.

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