Monday, August 13, 2007

EQ2 Free Trial - Day 5

Not much game time over the weekend as I had a wedding and a company picnic. Avril took over the computer last night to try out Second Life's new voice feature and receive some building lessons from her friends.

I played Everquest 2 for a couple hours Sunday morning. My druid made a few more levels, started crafting, and found the main city. So far I'm finding EQ2 merely okay but nothing impressive. City of Villains was more interesting visually, but EQ2 has greater depth and more varied gameplay. I think EQ2's character and monster graphics are lacking. Say what you will but I enjoy the heavily stylized (or cartoonish) look of Dungeon Runners or World of Warcraft.

The way EQ2 handles acquiring skills/spells is a mixed bag. No running back to town to visit the class trainer if I level up in the middle of nowhere. The new skills drop onto my action bar automatically and are highlighted for a few seconds to draw my attention there. Beautiful.

The skills/spells have ranks associated with them (apprentice I, apprentice II... etc.) but I don't understand how to advance them. Maybe I clicked past an important screen during the tutorial, or maybe it's meant to be complex. Whatever. My Fury character is rolling over everything in his path, so I suppose I don't really need to improve the power of his spells.

For example, I went AFK in what I thought was a safe spot to get some water and a quick bio break. When I came back my Fury was getting hacked on by three goblins a level or two below him. His life bar was down to about 20%. I healed up, and then crushed them. A bit on the hairy side but not a problem. Um. Okay. Talk about a forgiving game.

Most likely I'll get one more good game session in before my free trial ends. I thought about rolling a new character to try a different class, but going through the Nursery starting zone again is so very unappealing. Instead I will check out crafting more and do a bit of questing.


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