Friday, August 17, 2007

Random Junk - Aug 17

Just a few game-related things to write about today. I'm taking off early for another camping trip. Unfortunately the weather turned sour here in the Pacific Northwest, which is unusual for late summer. Last August I took the family camping and the weather was perfect. We spent the days swimming in a mountain lake and catching crawdads. Oh well, I'll pack some balls and Frisbees instead of swim trunks and the raft.

The Godfather: Blackhand Edition
GameFly came through for me. I have the Godfather for the Wii now and I'm liking it. After a short intro, the game surprised with a large number of detailed customization options for my character. I was surprised again when my character "in game" actually looks like the one I spent an hour customizing. Compare that to EQ2 last week where my in game character had more or less the same color hair and wings but that's it.

The controls for the Wii are fun. When my character smacks around a store owner or throws some punk against the wall, I make those same movements with my controllers. Good stuff. I'm looking forward to when we plug our brains directly into the game... now that's immersion.

Saga of Ryzom
Ethic from Kill Ten Rats suggested I check out an MMO called Ryzom. The game sounds intriguing from a quick read of the official site and forums. A mix of sci-fi and fantasy genres. Skill-based character progression. Build skills and spells from scratch. User created content. Friendly, involved community. Sounds great. I downloaded the free trial of Ryzom and will check it out next week.

Lord of the Rings Online
My master plan has remained unchanged... I will play LotRO this October. No, not a free trial. I'll actually go to the store and buy the box and subscribe. The rainy season starts in October, so time to hunker down with a good MMO for nine months.

I'm a bit of a Tolkien fanboy, so I want my experience in the game to be pure and true and magical. I've stopped wearing shoes and started smoking a pipe. I tried engaging Avril in some hot elf-on-hobbit roleplay last night but she wasn't having it. Not true (but not a bad idea...hmm).

I finished rereading the Hobbit last week and started the Fellowship yesterday. I'll read a few chapters a week, finishing with (another) viewing of the movie in late September. I can't believe I just shared that info.

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