Thursday, August 9, 2007


The last few days have been too busy to find much time for games... unless you consider cleaning and reorganizing the garage a fun game. Not me.

While I was cleaning the garage I was thinking about one of my earlier posts where I complained about the repetition in WOW. Then the post after that I was talking about how I enjoyed Dungeon Runners. WTF. Dungeon Runners is nothing but repeating the same dungeon over and over and...

But I'm not bored by Dungeon Runners. The difference is expectations. I know Dungeon Runners is a simple, action RPG. I expect to run through the same ten levels of dungeon repeatedly until Mumbles is high enough level for the next dungeon. No trade professions, no auction house, no problem... it's a free game.

I expect more from WOW. I want depth and breadth of content. I want multiple zones to choose from at any given level. I want distractions galore. Does WOW deliver on this expectation? Yes. It does. There's so much content I've never seen (and I'm talking low, mid, and high level stuff here), but I played long enough to see the repetition.

Could I play Dungeon Runners for 15 months like I played WOW? No. One month, maybe two tops. But for now I'm enjoying jumping in for 30 minutes or an hour. And that's something Dungeon Runners excels at... getting into a dungeon quickly and adding party members on the fly. Zero effort. Compare that to WOW. Even playing a priest, I'd spend too much time looking for a full group before starting out.

Wouldn't it be cool if WOW instances could scale? Even a little. So if I have two other people with me, we can still run something instead of spamming LF1M SM any class over and over... talk about repetition.

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